Geothermal Project Featured on OPB’s “Oregon Field Guide”

Geothermal Project Featured on OPB’s “Oregon Field Guide”

The Newberry EGS Demonstration was recently featured on Oregon Field Guide, a program on Oregon Public Broadcasting. The show has been airing since 1988 and provides information about outdoor recreation, ecological issues, natural resources and travel destinations.

The 9-minute segment uses interviews and live footage of the project site to explain:

  • The history and geology of the Newberry Volcano, which last erupted about 1,200 years ago
  • The millimeter-wide  fractures beneath the earth’s surface, made permeable by hydroshear stimulation, which creates an Engineered Geothermal System (EGS) reservoir that acts as a heat exchanger to generate renewable energy
  • The USGS program to better monitor any magma movement deep beneath the surface of the volcano
  • The reasons EGS is so exciting, and how its development came about
  • The development of the Newberry EGS Demonstration in particular

And several other interest aspects of this project. Watch it: we think you’ll like it! Then let us know what you think here or on Facebook.

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